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To All of Our RelaxSation Clients and Friends,

At RelaxSation, we’ve reached another milestone—our 11th Anniversary. All 11 years have been possible thanks to your support and loyalty. Without you, we could never have weathered the Covid-19 pandemic, when so many small businesses in and around Downtown Boston were forced to shutter for good. We clung to the conviction that when the pandemic finally ebbed, our clientele, would return. As we mark our 11th year of operation, we extend our deepest gratitude for sticking with us through “thick and thin.”

In late 2012, when we first opened our doors, we had our fingers crossed that our staff and our approach—high-end services, professionalism, and friendliness—would ensure success. That success, however, has relied on our valued clients. There is literally no way to fully evince our gratitude except to continue delivering the same excellence that has proven RelaxSation’s foundation for 11 years.

Our clients’ patronage, which has kept us going even though Boston businesses have yet to return to anywhere near pre-COVID levels, has allowed us to provide superior massage therapy and stellar nail services, as well as waxing; our clientele is the reason we have proven able to survive where so many others had to close for good. Many regulars continue to visit us from locations outside of Boston, and we are appreciative that they, as well as our loyal clients in the city, understood—and understand—that customer satisfaction remains our primary goal.

We go far beyond city and state guidelines and mandates to ensure maximum safety for all clients and all of our employees:

  • We clean and disinfect each nail station and massage table and room before and after each use.
  • We use the strongest sanitizers and UV wands to maintain maximum safety. We have our own medical-grade disinfectant, and the spa is professionally cleaned every night.
  • We have stand-up sanitizer dispensers throughout the spa.
  • We have our own on-site laundry service for maximum cleanliness and sanitation.
  • We continue to use a large, hospital-grade ventilation system with state-of-the-art Hepa Filters, covering the entire spa and exceeding all requirements for the safest available spa ventilation. Additionally, we have individual Hepa units in every room.

As always, our commitment to bring Boston the very best in premium therapeutic massage and nail services and to scrutinize all of client feedback remains steadfast. As has been the case now for 11 years, we want to be the first choice in Boston for spa pampering and superb service. We are fortunate that our determination to excel has led to our niche as one of Boston’s highest-rated spas, with numerous laudatory customer reviews on Google (518 reviews, 4.7 out of 5 rating)

From the moment we opened 11 years ago, three Golden Rules have shaped the experience we offer to all of our clients:

  1. We’re committed to making sure that each and every client’s experience meets the highest standards and that we always provide quality services at a reasonable price.
  2. We’re all about teamwork. Our staff–every one of them experienced and licensed – has a shared purpose: our clients’ complete satisfaction with our therapeutic massage, nail, and waxing services.
  3. We’re up to date with all the newest techniques and practices in massage therapy, as well as using the highest-quality polishes, gels, and tools for our nail clients.

One thing at RelaxSation has never changed over the years—our passion for our clients’ satisfaction drives everything we do here. As our massage therapists, nail technicians, and managerial staff strive to maintain customer loyalty, we wanteveryone who comes through our door to enjoy his or her visit every bit as much as we love working here. That tenet is the basis for our weekly staff meetings during which we discuss ways to further enhance all of our clients’ experiences at RelaxSation, whether someone is along-term regular or first-time walk-in.

Experience is another building block of our spa. All of our staff have worked for 8 years or longer at RelaxSation and have not only developed their own regular clientele, but also have also cultivated genuine friendships that range in topics from family experiences and travel tales to upcoming weddings and other milestone events.

We have embraced the adage that in many ways, the more things change, the more they stay the same. This saying is especially apt in respect to the wide and memorable range of clients we continue to meet. They stroll in here from Downtown financial, legal, and medical offices. Thanks to the relationships we’ve cultivated with other local businesses, many of our clients come to RelaxSation following hair and yoga appointments in the area. Now, whenever any of our employees go outside in their uniforms, people stop them to say they go to RelaxSation, too. RelaxSation has become a fixture on the local landscape.

Word of mouth is crucial to the success of our establishment. Many times, we’ve had new clients from Macy’s and other Downtown business who tell us that people they work with tell them to try RelaxSation. It’s a high compliment that we’ve achieved brand recognition, and a further point of pride that most of our regular massage clients request 90-minute to 2-hour appointments.

Over the years, we’ve had numerous women visit us for nail services, try our massage, and return with their husbands or boyfriends to sample our therapeutic massage. They have become regular clients. When some of our frequent clients have moved to other spots in the U.S. or the globe, they always visit us when back in Boston for business or personal travel. During Boston Marathon week, runners from all over return to RelaxSation annually. Many parents who know and trust our services firsthand book appointments at RelaxSation for their college-student sons and daughters.

College faculty and students alike visit us, and we’ve had the pleasure and privilege to cater to guests and travelers from the Hyatt, the Omni Parker House, Club Quarters, the Intercontinental, and other top hotels. We’ve earned the loyalty and friendship of television anchors and reporters, as well as residents of the Millennium, the new Millennium Residences at 240 Devonshire, the Seaport, the Ritz Carlton, the Province House, the Radian, and other Downtown Boston residential buildings.

We’re so grateful to the many clients who have discovered us as walk-ins or through word of mouth. It’s fun to meet and serve the many singers, dancers, and musicians from touring Broadway musicals. Hosting companies' events, birthday celebrations, corporate promotions, anniversaries, college reunions, and pre-wedding parties has been gratifying for our team. We’ve also worked with medical, legal, and business conferences to provide our services to professionals attending these events in Boston.

Along with the honor it is to meet all of our clients, new regular or walk-ins, we have the privilege if giving back to the community. That’s why the RelaxSation team regularly volunteers at the Boston Rescue Mission for the Homeless.

In the 11 years since our start, we profess that regardless of how well we’ve done to earn and retain customers’ trust and loyalty, we’re always open to any and all suggestions and advice that our clients, offer. People’s commentary is essential to making RelaxSation the first choice among Boston spas. As we mark our milestone 11th anniversary, our commitment to our clients is non-negotiable!

Thank you for choosing RelaxSation. Most of all, thank you for your unwavering loyalty, support, and friendship. Here’s to the next 11 years!

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To All of Our RelaxSation Clients and Friends,

RelaxSation has been reopened since July 13th! The pandemic has required changes for our employees and clients alike as we adapted to each and every mandated requirement. To ensure maximum safety for you and for our staff, we have installed a state-of-the-art, Swiss medical-grade Hepa Filter ventilation system at our spa. We have an in-house, sanitary laundry service, washing all towels, blankets and uniforms several times each day. Each morning and evening, we have a disinfectant-spray machine to clean the spa top to bottom. Our reopening strategy continues to adhere to the most stringent sanitation practices, firm procedures for use of personal protective equipment, and strict social distancing. It has been a challenging time, and we appreciate your ongoing patience and support.

Client Requirements:

  • All clients must fill out the liability consent-form.
  • All clients will have their temperatures checked via infrared thermometer upon arrival.
  • Please bear with us if appointments start a little after the actual time, as we have a lot of catch-up work to do.
  • All clients (and employees)must wear a mask; we can sell masks to any client who forgets to bring theirs. No mask, no service—for everyone’s safety. We also request that you do not remove your mask during services.
  • All clients must either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival before service is rendered. Touch-free hanging liquid hand soap and sanitizer dispensers will be provided at our front desk, in our nail rooms, public hallway, and massage rooms.
  • Anyone showing signs of feeling unwell will not be allowed to receive service.
  • Only clients receiving services will be allowed in the salon (no friends, children, etc., can accompany you).Social distancing will be observed at all times.

Staff Requirements and Salon Modifications

  • All RelaxSation staff have completed the Barbicide Covid 19 certification on sanitation protocols.
  • The Massachusetts Mandatory Covid 19 Plan for RelaxSation will be in plain view on a poster for clients, signed by our manager.
  • Strict adherence to the mandated limit of no more than 8 people—4 clients and 4 employees—per 1,000 square feet.
  • RelaxSation will maintain a log of employees and clients to support potential contact-tracing (name, date, time, and contact information).
  • RelaxSation will adjust salon hours and shifts to minimize contact across workers and reduce congestion.
  • Strict social-distancing practices and each nail station in installed with plexiglass dividers/clear acrylic sneeze guard between nail technicians and clients, as well as for the front desk to provide maximum safety for our clients and employees.
  • All nail stations and massage rooms will be thoroughly sanitized before and after appointment.
  • All employees will have their temperatures checked several times daily.
  • All nail technicians will be required to wear masks, gloves, and glasses or face guards while providing services. Massage therapists will wear masks and glasses or a face shield.
  • Nail technicians will disinfect each polish being used.
  • All nail technicians and massage therapists will be required to change gloves and hand wash before and after each client.
  • Every area, all stations, and all equipment will be sanitized/disinfected between each client.
  • After all nail appointments, technicians’ tools will be placed immediately in a dry heat sanitizer to be disinfected at a temperature of no less than 375 degrees.
  • We will use UV light sanitizer before and after each nail client to protect you and our team members. This germ killer adds a powerful means of enhanced safety and protection. You simply sweep the UV disinfection light across the entire surface and disinfect it in about 20 seconds (5 times back and forth). Your items can be cleaned and disinfected this way.
  • Each massage room will have hand sanitizer and disinfecting alcohol.
  • All locks, door handles, railings, faucets, and fixtures will be regularly disinfected.
  • Any employee showing any sign of illness will be required to call in and not allowed to work for at least two weeks.
  • Each evening after closing, RelaxSation will be cleaned and sanitized professionally and thoroughly.

Despite the changes to our salon due to the pandemic, we still strive to make your visits here as professional and courteous and fun as we have done since we opened our door 10 years ago.We truly appreciate your understanding and value your loyalty. That loyalty is a two-way street, which we have always extended and will continue to accord you.

We so appreciate your bearing with us, as safety for you and everyone who comes to RelaxSation is our foremost consideration.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

All the Massage Therapists employed at RelaxSation Massage Therapy & Nails are licensed and certified by the State of Massachusetts, LMT, and the Nail Technicians that are employed there, are also licensed and certified by The State of Massachusetts. All employees working at RelaxSation Massage Therapy & Nails are experienced professionals, and they all have gone through a Cori Background Criminal check. RelaxSation Massage Therapy & Nails has legal counsel on retainer which protects them against frivolous lawsuits.

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5 Stars

One of the best places I have been for both a massage and a mani/pedi. I have been here several times now and every time I am beyond impressed! They are so friendly and professional and they really take their time and do an incredible job. Great massage with your pedi too. I have lived all over the country and this is definitely one of the best places I have been! Also very reasonably priced. 5 starts all around.

- Chelsa Blythe

5 Stars

Vivian gave me an amazing massage. Before starting the massage I told her to be a little more gentle and she applied the perfect pressure the whole time. The stretching relieved a lot of tension as well. Winnie the manager has done a great job following covid protocols to make me feel comfortable. I tried to book other places and no one else was offering couples massages. My partner enjoyed a hot stone massage with May.

- Jayleen Garcia

5 Stars

I work a physically taxing job and this is a necessity to continue to up keep my health. I come on my own and plan trips for friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones. The service and care here is exceptional and I always appreciate every bit. Also Mani Pedi are not just for the lady. Men need it too if not more 😁

- TJ Williams